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Where the fish are !




   With over 800 miles of beautiful shoreline, 

Table Rock Lake has a seemingly endless supply of places for the fish to hide.  Follow Bass through the year from casting jerkbaits in the spring, to sesonal topwater action, to jigging spoons or dropshotting the depths in the heat of the summer, & dragging jigs around in the fall. Large schools of white bass suppliment the action throughout the year and are usually good for a brief period of some hot action.  Seasonal Crappie fishing can be great and the chance to catch a spoonbill as tall as you are in the spring is a very real possibility. If staying on Table Rock lake ask if it is possible to be picked up at your resorts dock for your trip.  If you like tossing artificials or prefer live bait we can keep you busy on all but the toughest of days.  Bowfishing has taken on popularity after the introduction of the US OPEN Bowfishing tournament.  If you like hunting AND fishing, you may give it a try.


Lake Taneycomo

   From 1913 until 1958 Taneycomo was a “warm water” lake, but when Table Rock Dam started feeding Taneycomo, the water coming through the “power generators” was significantly lower in temperature. Virtually overnight, a “cold water” fishery was created. The average temperature of the lake dropped to 48 degrees & To take advantage of this change, the Missouri Department of Conservation constructed the “Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery” at the foot of the Dam.

   This made Lake Taneycomo’s clear cold waters provide some of the finest trout fishing available anywhere in the world. The Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout swimming the waters of Lake Taneycomo provide an excellent opportunity for a year-round fishing experience. From fly fishing and artificial-only fishing in the Trophy Trout Area (restricted) headwaters, to bait fishing outside of the Branson landing, Lake Taneycomo has something for all experience levels. Numerous state records have been earned in Taneycomo’s waters.


Bull Shoals Lake

   Bull Shoals Dam forms Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas’s largest lake with 45,440 acres of waters stretching along Arkansas's northern border but some of the best fishing comes from the headwaters in southern Missouri. Anglers are drawn to the lake's catches of lunker bass, catfish, crappie, and large walleye. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy boating and swimming in these clear open waters. Bowfishing is gaining popularity and there is a growing fishery for WORLD RECORD class Stripers.

    Bull Shoals Lake impounds the White River for the last time as water travels toward its mouth on theMississippi River. Bull Shoals is thus the lake farthest downstream in a chain of four artificial lakes that include (from upstream to downstream) Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. The lake is controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers and has the primary purpose of flood control.

   The shoreline of the lake is totally undeveloped and protected by a buffer zone (locally called the “take line”) owned, operated, managed, and controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers.  This ensures that Bull Shoals rugged beauty will last.  This is the local hidden gem of the Tri -lakes area.

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