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About your Guide

   Tracy Frenzel moved to the Branson area in 1994.  But his experience on these waters started long before that time.  Growing up in St. Louis meant that the areas lakes were merely 4 hours away and the favorite destination for Tracys family.  Several trips a year were made to the area on both Table Rock and Taneycomo.  When it came time for college there was no doubt.. He was going to attend College of the Ozarks...ONLY OPTION...  Tracy started C of O in 1994 and majored in anything and everything art.     From Graphic Design & Graphic arts, to Art eduacation, he tried them all.  His real major/passion though was fishing. Countless hours before, after, and in between classes and work study were spent on Table Rock and Taneycomo until the only obvious choice was to make this passion pay for itself.. Leap forward to present and this 40 something year old fishing guide is a father to 4 girls.  His time spent away from the lake or desk is spent at volleyball,basketball, and softball games.

    Tracy has taken up yet another outdoor challenge and has joined a team of like minded guys in producing outdoor video.  This has been a dream just as being a fishing guide was and the hard work, motivation, and persistance have finally paid off.  So dont find it strange if he pops out the camera repeatedly during your trip.   There is a great possibility come November he may be unavailable a stretch as filming hunting videos with The Sqwincher Outdoors Team takes over....


  The 3 lakes we will be spending our time on are Table Rock, Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals.


  Table Rock Lake features fishing for Largemouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass and the hard fighting Smallmouth Bass. Table Rock Lake Guide Tracy Frenzel has fished these Ozark Mountain Lakes for over 20 years. Seasonal top water action, to deep water Vertical  fishing, you are bound to learn something during your Table Rock fishing experience. We promote “catch and release” on our Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky (spotted) bass. But nobody feels bad cleaning Table Rock Lakes White Bass and Crappie. So be sure to mention ahead if you are meat hunting!

   If your more of a BIG GAME type then try your hand in March or April snagging GIANT Spoonbill (Paddlefish). These ancient giants will flat wear you out but it is quite the experience to boat a 70-100lb+ aquatic dinosaur!


   Would you like a fresh mess of Rainbow trout to cook up? Maybe a shot at a big brown trout? Look no further than famous Lake Taneycomo. Tracy has been fishing this lake since grade school and can dish up just what the Dr. ordered for em. Taneycomo is a 24 mile section of the world famous White River system that has year-round cold water and great trout fishing. Both Brown & Rainbow trout can be caught with fly tackle or spinning gear by various methods. There is no better way to spend a summer morning than in the mist on Lake Taneycomo’s crystal cold waters.


   Just a bit further down the road is Bull Shoals lake. This gem is the local “Honey Hole” come spring time, boasting great bass fishing (every bit as good as Table Rock) along with the areas best early season white bass, crappie, and occasional walleye fishing. Imagine Table Rock without development and you have Bull Shoals. Often times you can go hours between any type of human disturbance.  Most often this will require an Arkansas license as well. (borderlakes addition for MO residents)

What to expect

Family trips are always welcomed and encouraged. With children of his own, Tracy fishes out of a center console Mako 2201 inshore boat with high sides that make it a safer choice with the youngsters. The 200hp Mercury Optimax will get you there no problem. Tracy has 4 young girls himself , so have no fear for a kid friendly day on the water. Depending on the size of the folks on the trip we are licensed for up to 6 people but the boat boasts an 8 person capacity. For various reasons of course certain types of fishing will limit the amount of fishability in certain conditions and techniques. For instance early spring bass fishing with jerkbaits or Alabama rigs will not be possible with more than 3 people but the alternative that same time of year would be a fantastic trout trip on most days. Just inquire about what would be best for your group size and experience and we will give you the best possible options. On the other hand the guide community for the most part is a close knit group and most days a 2nd guide 3rd guide or 4th guide would be a possibility to allow for more possibilities.


We will have bottled water in the boat’s cooler for your use. Please bring any snacks, lunch, or other drinks you require. Restroom breaks are always available. Don’t forget rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, layers of clothing work well and tennis shoes or sandals in warmer weather—please avoid heavy boots. And don’t forget your camera!


Licensing fees and trout stamps are not included but can be easily purchased upon arrival or go to to purchase on-line.

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